About Us

Metal Arkt is a family owned and operated business founded in 2013 in Miami, FL. We aim to provide innovation, design and quality to the South Florida metal industry.

Our goal is to deliver the finest handmade metal products, offering a comprehensive package of services that includes value engineering, design, engineering & shop drawings, fabrication, finishing and installation of any metal work you need. Our extensive line of products involve railings, metal doors, gates and fences, trellis and canopies, decorative metals, staircases and even sculptures and art works.

Moise Muyal, Founder and President of Metal Arkt, is a civil engineer graduated in 2001 and owner of a Metal Shop in Caracas, Venezuela since 2002.

His passion for design, his knowledge and expertise doing metal works, has earned him an outstanding reputation on the metal field, working hand in hand with prestigious architects, contractors, designers, artists and homeowners looking for extraordinary, detail-oriented metal works.

We work with a highly qualified professional team that provides excellent customer service and strives to deliver any metal project on time and on budget.

Call us for a free consultation on how we can make your metal projects come to life: +786 6080102.


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2006 SW 31 Ave Pembroke Park, Florida 33009

Phone: +786 6080102