We are a custom metal fabrication company that can manufacture and deliver an extended portfolio of high quality products, offering a full service package to help our clients throughout all stages of the process.

Value Engineering and Design Consultation

If needed our team can analyze a proposed design , in terms of materials, equipment’s, manufacturing process, finishes and installation, to propose a cost effective solution, without compromising the clients design or concept.

Engineering and Shop Drawings

We provide a full set of engineering drawings with specific details for fabrication and installation of the product, if needed they can be signed and sealed by a certified Florida Engineer. This services are a key part of our process by allowing us to guarantee that the final product will meet or even exceed our clients expectations.


Having build a very professional team, we develop our manufacturing process taking care very carefully of every single detail in order to deliver the highest quality products in the South Florida market.


We can offer a huge variety of finishes for our metals, including all types of powder coating & electrostatic paint, patina or Corten Steel & polished or brushed Stainless Steel.


Our well prepared team is ready to install in many conditions and are qualified to operate any equipment necessary to perform the job. We comply with the OSHA standards, safety is always first of our employees and everybody on site.


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